Our Mission Statement

To improve mobility and access for all by coordinating regional and local community transportation services and information.

Our Service Communities

Allenstown Alton Andover Barnstead Belmont Boscawen Bow Bradford Canterbury Chichester Concord
Center Harbor Danbury Deering Dunbarton Epsom  Franklin Gilford Gilmanton Henniker Hill Hillsborough
Hopkinton Laconia Loudon Meredith New Hampton New London Newbury Northfield Pembroke Pittsfield
Salisbury Sanbornton Sutton Tilton Warner Webster Wilmot ⋅ Windsor

Our Funding Notices

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Our History

The need to provide transportation services to people who do not have access to reliable transportation options due to age, disability, income or other reasons has been identified as an issue in Central New Hampshire for many years. In response to these issues, a Coordinated Transit & Human Services Transportation Plan was developed by the region's stakeholders in early 2010 with assistance from staff members from the Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission (CNHRPC) and the Lakes Region Planning Commission (LRPC).

In addition to the many benefits of coordinated community transportation espoused by the Statewide Coordination Council and other regions, the Mid-State RCC sees the coordination process as an opportunity to increase services for its citizenry by building new community transportation services in the region. The Mid-State RCC represents its citizenry's interest in making connections and have an active ongoing dialogue with multiple neighboring regions, and the SCC in order to explore new community transportation development opportunities. Also important to the Mid-State RCC, is the notion that the "community" in community transportation involve as much of the community as possible instead of focusing on disenfranchised groups only.